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MARIJUANA marijuana how_to_roll_a_blunt
대마를 말린 녹차가루처럼 생겼다. 작은 지퍼 백에 넣어서 팔고 있으며, 쑥 태우는 냄새와 흡사하다. 미세한 환청과 환각 증세가 나타난다. 예를 들면, 나는 듯한 기쁨을 느끼기도 하여, 미각, 청각 및 피부 감각이 매우 예민해진다.

증상: 평소에 내성적이던 사람이 사람들과 잘 어울리기도 하고, 우울한 상태, 게을러져서 방을 지저분하게 치우지 않는다. 폭식을 하며, 음악을 계속 듣고 하루 종일 방안에서 나오지를 않는다.

영향: 판단 능력이 저하되고, 기억력감퇴 눈이 계속 충혈되거나 오한, 구토, 심장박동 수 상승, 무분별한 행동 등의 증세를 경험하게 된다. 또한 발암 물질이 함유되어 있어 건강에 상당히 나쁜 영향을 미친다.

Marijuana has a similar look of green tea powder with dried up leaves. They are usually kept in a small plastic bag called “baggies” and when it’s “lit” or smoked it has a distinctive smell of sagebrush. Both visual and auditory hallucination occurs. For example one would feel as if they are in happiness or experience feeling of levitating, their sense of hearing and visions become alert, and their skin and taste become sensitive.

SYMPTOMS: The person who are normally shy and introvert can be out going, they can be down and be in a state of depression, they can be lazy and their environment including their room will be messy, one’s appetite and thirst will increase, one might stay in their room all day listening to music or watch movie to play video games for hours without much movement..

EFFECT: Their decision making ability decreases, short term memory, blood shot or red eye to sleepy eyes can be shown, increase of heart rate, congestion and chill, vomit, behavior out of the ordinary happens. Also a harmful toxin called Carcinogenic destroys one’s health without the abuser’s knowledge.
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